Bergmann Confectionery - Győr


Since its establishment, the Bergmann Confectionery has endeavoured to achieve high standard and a good reputation among the consumers. Preserving the old recipes of the Bergmann family – and enriching the assortment with new ones – we have prepared our cakes, ice-cream and other pastries.

Our guests are warmly welcome in Győr – in the Nádorváros, in the Attila Street, and in Győr – in the Downtown, in Esterházy-palace in the Király Street.

History of the Bergmann Confectionery

The Bergmann confectionery was established by Imre Bergmann, confectioner and pastry cook in the spring of 1939, in Győr. The young man, coming from a family of craftsmen from Kapuvár learnt to be a confectioner and pastry cook in Budapest, then he extended his mastery in several reputed confectioneries, before opening his a confectionery in Győr in collaboration with the family. Owing to the high standard of professional work a satisfied civilian clientele was formulated. The confectionery could not avoid the war and the subsequent years of weak economy, neither the nationalisation in 1949, thus it was not functioning in the mentioned period and the shop premises with all its equipment and furnishing were compulsorily delivered to the state. The founder took all reasonable efforts to open another confectionery. These efforts yielded their result in 1954, in Gönyű, when the founder managed to open his new confectionery. His workshop and confectionery shop were functioning here and the shop was frequented by many consumers from Győr to buy his cakes and ice cream. The confectionery moved back to Győr in the summer of 1955. The family house, at Attila u. 31., was converted and a workshop and confectionery shop were also constructed here. The preconditions to opening the shop were provided, thus his desire became real, and the confectionery was opened for the consumers in Győr.

In the meantime, for the family members and children it was natural that they were all involved in the work at the confectionery. Consequently, the two sons also learnt this trade, and both became master confectioners.

Imre, after his father retired in 1982, took over the management of the confectionery, with the same professional calling and ambition as his father, and accustomed to, moreover expected by the clientele. We hope that this is why even the descendents of those being consumers of our goods for several decades frequent our confectionery. They come to buy cakes and ice cream and we prepare fancy cakes for them for their family events.

We opened our second confectionery in the downtown of Győr, in the Esterházy palace at Király u. 17, in 1997, where we tried to reproduce the atmosphere and interior of our confectionery in Attila Street.

The refurbishment of our confectionery, in Attila Street, was inevitable after nearly 100 years of functioning, still we took all efforts to preserve the furniture and equipment as well as interior of the old confectionery. Following careful consideration the workshop and the confectionery was refurbished and reconstructed by 2005, so that the original furnishing and equipment were all retained, but they serve now our consumers in a modern way amidst the atmosphere of a confectionery of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Bergmann Confectionery - Győr